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Why Finishes ETC / Construction

After 15 years of excellence in commercial construction, we’ve learned a thing or two about delivering exactly what our customers expect. And we do it through a team of fully vetted professionals—from project managers to installers—who understand the specific requirements of different construction markets, such as the hospitality industry, retail build outs, office interiors, and even the federal sector.

Lower Costs

Through a combination of efficient management and aggressive purchasing practices, we’ve honed our ability
to project labor  and management costs to the point where it’s become ingrained in our way of life. Our
nationwide mobile fleet of onsite RVs and workshops allows us to keep housing costs down and pass the
savings on to our customers.


Our clients never have to ask, “What’s the status?” And we like to keep it that way. Clients can monitor our progress 24/7 through a cloud-based system in which our trained personnel submit daily job updates, photos, notes, and client feedback rating sheets.


It's our top job site priority. We are material-handling experts and are fully trained and compliant in OSHA safety protocols. Our continuous safety education has resulted in a 10-year record of no re-portable onsite accidents.
We have a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse.

Bonding & Federal Work

If required, we can include an intent to bond with our bid documents. We have completed over 100 federal and military projects; our systems and personnel meet the strictest U.S. government requirements. Davis-Bacon Act compliance, certified payroll, and background verifications are part of our normal process.

Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board
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