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Commercial Sector

Our name reflects our guiding philosophy: “It’s not how a job starts; it’s how it finishes.” It’s been true for over 15 years, and our consistent record of customer satisfaction proves we’re doing something right. Today, Finishes ETC offers full-service construction programs that include shell construction, full build outs, interior construction, specialty finishing, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work.

And true to our name, beyond our end-to-end capabilities, we’ve developed a reputation for our beautiful, state-of-the-art wall and ceiling finishes in hotels, restaurants, colleges, houses of worship, corporate offices, and apartment buildings across the country.

These durable specialty finishes not only enhance the value of the property itself but also transform how people experience the interior. After finishing a dorm remodel, the Director of Facility Services at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont stated it this way, “If you didn’t know better, you might think you were walking through a high-end hotel.”

Efficient and Dedicated Solutions

Undertaking commercial projects can be demanding, requiring a full-time commitment away from home, albeit for a limited duration. To address this challenge, we have devised a unique cost-saving strategy. Our nationwide fleet of onsite RVs and containerized workshops is always prepared for deployment to any job site across the country.

Over the years, we have honed our purchasing and project management methods to a remarkable degree. By diligently reducing costs, eliminating unnecessary expenditures, and optimizing time schedules, we consistently deliver exceptional value to our clients. Their satisfaction with the value they receive remains unmatched.

However, there are two aspects that we absolutely refuse to compromise. The first is quality, which is ingrained in our identity. We are committed to continuous learning and training, ensuring that we uphold the standards associated with the Finishes brand. Moreover, we embrace transparency by providing our clients with an online portal. This window into their project allows them to stay updated with real-time information, including updates, photos, and videos.


The second aspect we refuse to compromise on is the well-being of our team. They are the driving force behind the remarkable results we deliver to our clients day after day. Our unwavering commitment to their safety is evident through our continuous adherence to OSHA-compliant safety education, resulting in a remarkable 10-year record of zero reportable onsite accidents.

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