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Federal Sector

It's No Joke

The phrase “good enough for government work” originally meant that any work done for the U.S. government had to meet its high standards. Yes, over the years, the phrase acquired a sarcastic meaning, but the U.S. government standards haven’t changed. In fact, they’ve become increasingly stringent.

The federal government doesn’t mess around; they are spending taxpayer money, which makes them very picky about how they buy any product or service. They want to make sure they’re being fair, they’re getting a reasonable price, and that everything is above board and legal. At Finishes ETC, we’re proud of our over 15 years of experience meeting and exceeding the federal sector’s requirements for construction projects.

Whether it’s adhering to national rules and regulations, complying with procurement and contracting programs, following technical requirements and sourcing guidelines, understanding subcontracting limits, staying within spending parameters, observing reporting procedures, keeping precise records, or providing all the necessary documentation (whew!), we’ve done it all—and then some.


While we’ve all heard stories about the $100,000 bolt and other examples of extravagant government spending, in our experience, Uncle Sam is a frugal spender. And that’s all right with us, because over the years we’ve developed our very own tools and methods to keep costs down and efficiency up.

For example, when tasked with an Air Force base construction project 4,400 miles away in Alaska, we prioritized planning and logistics to ensure every step was economical and expedient—from purchasing and shipping materials to projecting and hiring manpower to on-site personnel housing—all in frigid weather conditions. Upon completion, we received an “Extremely Satisfied” rating from Elmendorf Air Force Base for our professionalism, quality of workmanship, cleanliness, project management, and reliability.


And we have consistently delivered this level of efficient, excellent work for all branches of the U.S. military, from Key West to Anchorage, California to New England.

Mission Status

Whether it’s our adherence to OSHA safety protocols resulting in a 10-year record of no reportable onsite accidents or our successful completion of over 100 federal and military projects, our systems and personnel meet the strictest U.S. government requirements.


Keeping a customer informed is a sensible practice; keeping the U.S. government informed is mandatory. Fortunately for us, it’s an integral part of our process. Through our cloud-based portal, clients have round-the-clock access to every detail of their project, complete with reports, photos, videos, notes, and client feedback rating sheets.

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